Hardy Lake





The trail consists of a 8 km and a 3 km loop around the lake and a 7 km trail through the forest and wetlands. 

DIRECTIONS: Trail parking off Muskoka Road 169, one km west of Walkers Point Road, between Gravenhurst and Bala. Hiking trails require good footwear.

DESCRIPTION: The trail follows the shoreline, across a wetland and through the forest.

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: Moderate hills, three hour walk around the lake.

HIGHLIGHTS: Hardy Lake Provincial Park Trails provide hiking access to the shores of both Hardy Lake and Lake Muskoka. Characteristic of the lake-studded Precambrian rock landscapes of the Muskoka region, both Hardy Lake and Lake Muskoka are two of the most picturesque, rugged shorelines. Originally settled in the 1870’s by homesteaders, the Park now supports exceptional life science values. Homesteading was not viable and subsequently it was used as a private recreation property. It was acquired in 1980 and has been designated a natural environment park. The base rock of the park is gneiss of late Precambrian age. The barren rock ridges were possibly wave-washed by glacial lakes Algonquin and Nipissing and the topography is attributed to the last ice age. The eastern half has barren rock ridges and swampy depressions while the western portion is an expanse of deep ground moraine.


SUGGESTED USES: Hiking and canoeing.

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