Media Release - Burning in Muskoka Lakes

Media Release
For Immediate Release

May 8, 2018

Burning in Muskoka Lakes

MUSKOKA LAKES – The Township of Muskoka Lakes Fire Department would like to remind everyone that as of April 1st, open air burn restrictions came into effect and DAY TIME BURNING IS NOT PERMITTED unless you have obtained a Burning Permit. 

Burning is allowed (without a permit) 2 hours before sunset and must be fully extinguished 2 hours after sunrise. Fires during these times are limited to small confined fires; such as a camp fire.  Burn Permits ($50 fee + HST) can be obtained at the Township Office in Port Carling, Monday to Friday from 08:15am – 4:00pm.  Should a Total Fire Ban come into effect, all fire permits will be suspended and no new permits will be issued until the fire ban has been lifted.  Failure to comply with the Burning By-Law may result in a fine and/or cost recovery, if the Fire Department is called to respond. 

The Township of Muskoka Lakes has updated their Burning By-law to include provisions on burn pile sizes, items to be burned, and fines. If you are wishing to purchase a burning permit to burn during the day, depending on the zoning of the property, you may be restricted to the size of the fire. The updated Burning By-law #2018-16 provides a list of what is permitted and what is not permitted to be burned. Lastly, the fines for contravening the Burning By-law #2018-16 have increased, as an example, burning without a permit may cost you $300.00 plus court fees.  For more information on Burning By-law #2018-16 please visit the Township of Muskoka Lakes website at

If you have a small confined campfire here are some helpful tips to make your campfire safe for everyone.

1.         Dig a small pit away from overhanging branches.

2.         Circle the pit with rocks or be sure it already has a metal fire ring.

3.         Clear a five-foot area around the pit down to the soil.

4.         Keep a bucket of water and a shovel nearby.

5.         Stack extra wood upwind and away from the fire.

6.         After lighting, do not discard the match until it is cold.

7.         Burn environmentally acceptable waste only.

8.         Never leave a campfire unattended, not even for a minute.

Should you have any questions regarding Open Air Burning Permits, please contact the Township Office at (705) 765-3156. Watch for the Fire Danger Rating Signs located throughout the Township. For up to date Fire Danger Rating, call 1-877 847-1577 or visit the Township of Muskoka Lakes website at


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